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Refocus™ HYDRATION is a PREMIUM SPORTS DRINK packed with

Organic Ingredients + Electrolytes + Coconut Water + Natural Flavors

Why Organic Hydration…

Refocus Hydration provides an organic electrolyte system to help replenish the sodium and potassium we lose when we sweat. Refocus Hydration is designed with a 12% organic coconut water to help provide our muscles a natural source of vitamins and minerals needed to be at our best performance.


When we sweat, we lose more than water alone. We also lose electrolytes, like sodium and potassium, which help our bodies function effectively and efficiently. When we sweat heavily, substantial losses in fluids and electrolytes can hurt our ability to perform at our peak levels, especially during long training or activities. Refocus Hydration provides needed electrolytes to assist our body in rehydrating... organically.


Our muscles rely on fluid and fuel to operate at peak performance. Refocus Hydration provides the carbs needed to effectively assist our body in rehydrating our muscles... organically.


Calories matter…. especially to our muscles. A proper balance of carbs will convert into the energy that, measured in calories, will allow our muscles to function more effectively and efficiently. Refocus Hydration provides our bodies with the needed calories to assist our muscles in rehydrating... organically.


By offering a high-quality organic product, Organic Refocus Hydration raises awareness of healthy, flavorful organic products.
Organic Refocus Hydration line of Beverages are a great way to enjoy organic refreshment. Because Organic Refocus Hydration drinks do not contain artificial ingredients, these beverages can be enjoyed without worry.
Finally, Organic Refocus Hydration drinks offers a refreshing certified USDA organic alternative to conventional sodas, juices, and other drinks.

in 3 Refreshing Natural Flavors

About Organic Hydration all sport drink

Refocus Hydration is an organic beverage with functional benefits. Organic Refocus Hydration provides a favorable healthy choice over higher calorie choices, such as juice and juice blend drinks. Organic Refocus Hydration is designed to support an active life style.

As an organic beverage, the goal of Refocus Hydration is to offer a great tasting beverage that is naturally rehydrating.

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